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    Flight Dynamic Mathematical Model of Tilt Dual Rotor Micro Aerial Vehicle

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Micro Aerial Vehicle; Flight Dynamics Model; Element Theory; Dual Rotor



Research on nonlinear dynamic model of Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) plays an important role in MAV design. Its special design in configuration and large flight envelope make it more different from other aircrafts in aerodynamic characteristics. The flight dynamic model of the dual rotor MAV was established in MATLAB/Simulink environment based on research to the aerodynamic of the rotor and wing. Unsteady ele-ment theory was used to analyze the lift, drag, and moment of the rotor. The lift line theory was used to re-search the aerodynamics of the wing, fuselage, horizontal and vertical tails. The aerodynamic interference between propeller and wing was considered. At last, the MAV flight performance was calculated and trimmed in various flight modes. The results show that elevator has enough control authority to change the flight con-dition in the whole flight envelop and the MAV can hover, fly slowly in helicopter mode and fly rapidly in wing-borne mode.

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