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    Single-Channel Speech Enhancement Based on Sparse Regressive Deep Neural Network

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孙海霞,李思昆:国防科学技术大学,湖南 长沙

语音增强深度神经网络正则化技术网络压缩谱减法Speech Enhancement DNN Regularization Technique Network Compression Spectral Subtraction



Speech enhancement is a mean to improve the quality and intelligibility by noise suppression and enhancing the SNR at the same time, which has been widely applied in voice communication equipments. In recent years, Deep Neural Network (DNN) has become a research hot point due to its powerful ability to avoid local optimum, which is superior to the traditional neural network. However, the existed DNN costs storage and has a bad generalization. Now, this document puts forward a sparse regression DNN model to solve the above problems. First, we will take two regularization skills called Dropout and sparsity constraint to strengthen the generalization ability of the model. Obviously, in this way, the model can reach the consistency between the pre-training model and the training model. Then network compression by weights sharing and quantization is taken to reduce storage cost. Next, spectral subtraction is used in post-processing to overcome stationary noise. The result proofs that the improved framework gets a good effect and meets the requirement of the speech processing.

孙海霞, 李思昆. 基于稀疏回归深度神经网络的单通道语音增强[J]. 软件工程与应用, 2017, 6(1): 8-19.


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