AAM  >> Vol. 6 No. 2 (March 2017)

    Disjoint Subgraphs with Specified Properties in Graphs

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王怡华,衣晓宁:山东大学数学学院,山东 济南;
李硕:昌吉学院数学系,新疆 昌吉

点不交4-团弦圈Vertex-Disjoint 4-Cliques Chordal Cycle



Let G be a graph of order n with n≥4k, where k is a positive integer. Suppose that , then the partition of G can be k-1 vertex disjoint 4-cliques and a chordal cycle, where the degree of vertexes in this chordal cycle is equal or greater than 3 or 4.

王怡华, 李硕, 衣晓宁. 图中具有指定性质的不交子图[J]. 应用数学进展, 2017, 6(2): 139-145. https://doi.org/10.12677/AAM.2017.62016


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