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    Parallel Methods for Parabolic Equations Based on MPI Implementation

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高玉羊,顾海明:青岛科技大学,山东 青岛

有限差分法分组显式格式抛物方程MPI (Message Passing Interface)Finite Difference Method Group Explicit Method Parabolic Equations MPI (Message Passing Interface)



Many applications in mathematics and engineering involve numerical solutions of partial diffe-rential equations (PDEs). The demands of large-scale computing are quickly increasing in modern science and technology, and parallel computing has received more and more attention. In this paper, the main idea is that classical Group Explicit method (GEM) for parabolic equations, the group explicit method is established briefly and the stability analysis of the method is indicated simply. Then we focus on how to calculate the format in MPI parallel environment. Two parallel MPI algorithms are established and compared with non-parallel algorithm based on GEM. They are MPI block communication (wait communication) and non-blocking communication (no-wait communication). These two MPI schemas both better than one single process to calculate numerical solutions use group explicit method. Also, the non-blocking communication program has higher computational efficiency than blocking communication program.

高玉羊, 顾海明. 求解抛物方程的MPI并行方法[J]. 理论数学, 2017, 7(2): 89-98.


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