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    Electronic Structure and Persistent Current in Graphene Rings

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缪晶晶,张潇元,史友进,张海洋,徐 宁:盐城工学院,数理学院,江苏 盐城

石墨烯紧束缚理论电子结构持续电流Graphene Tight-Binding Model Electronic Structure Persistent Current



The electronic structure and persistent current of graphene rings have been studied using the tight-binding model. Our results show that in the presence of a perpendicular magnetic field, en-ergy spectrum can be grouped into bands with six levels per band owing to inter-valley scattering. According to degeneracy of energy level at the Fermi energy, the graphene rings are divided into two groups, metallic and semiconducting rings. In metallic rings, the persistent current within a flux period changes linearly with magnetic flux ϕ, while it is a sinusoidal periodical function of ϕ in semiconducting rings. Both metallic and semiconducting rings exhibit diamagnetic response, because the electrons driven by magnetic flux flow anticlockwise along the rings.

缪晶晶, 张潇元, 史友进, 张海洋, 徐宁. 石墨烯纳米环的电子结构和持续电流[J]. 应用物理, 2017, 7(3): 71-76.


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