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Quantum Properties of Yin-Yang Recurrence of Chinese Medicine

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作者: 李宗谚:长庚大学传统中医研究所,台湾 桃园;张恒鸿:中国医药大学中医学院,台湾 台中;陈维熊:阳明大学医学院,台湾 台北

关键词: 量子生物学老化阴阳理论Quantum Biology Ageing Yin-Yang Theory

摘要: 量子生物学以微观的波粒二重性突破古典力学对于粒子受制于热力学定律的局限,赋予人类遗传物质得以稳定实现演化的规则性和可预测性。在此之前,去相干的古典物理特性明显遮蔽了我们对量子行为的观察,乃至于面对病理表症的解决之道因为缺少分子尺度的微观考虑,从而限制许许多多医学上重大的发现。巨大个体的生长发育过程会遭遇热力学干扰,最终呈现的是我们所熟悉的古典力学样貌,这现象在物理学上称为去相干,在人类则称为老化。换句话说,当生命体呈现古典定律的粒子性僵硬轨迹,而原本具有波顺应性的量子特性被过滤掉了,这是生命先在性的老化宿命。显现出肌肉皮肤萎缩、弹性下降、皱纹产生、粒线体功能失衡、自由基氧化压力、慢性发炎反应等表症。中医《内经》:「营卫阴阳,如环无端。」依照这个规律而有顺序的循行振动,实现生趣盎然的生命现象。此一生生不息的波、粒二重性,在于法阴阳,和术数,饮食有节,起居有常,不妄作劳,故形与神俱,而终其天年,度百岁乃去。这个源自黄帝内经的组件当可以为人类逆转老化的议题提供值得思考的可能性。
Abstract: Quantum microscopic biological systems with duality are concerned with the influence of non-trivial quantum phenomena, as opposed to the so-called trivial quantum mechanics present in all biology by reduction to fundamental physics and the law of thermodynamics. These characteristics give the human genetic DNA stable evolution and are able to predictive property. Because the lack of molecular microscopic scale and classical physics of gravity theory interfere with objects wave-like behavior, it limits many of the medical intervention and achievement about human diseases. Quantum phenomena present in the processes of individual biological development system will interfere with an entanglement of physics of gravity theory and thermodynamics. This phenomenon is called de- coherent in physics, and it is also illustrated as ageing in human beings. In other words, when the living environment full with the rigid track of the particles characterization could be considered as a class of quantum phenomena in biological systems are excluded, which may illustrate as the fate of life on aging. Manifestations include muscle and skin atrophy, loose skin elasticity, wrinkling production, mitochondria dysfunction, free radical oxidative stress, chronic inflammation and body function imbalance. This can lead to accelerating ageing. And, of course, it is eventually as scene of death. The yellow Emperor’s classic of Chinese medicine said that yin and yang are interdependent and transform as a circle that is always round endless. Following the yin and yang rhythm, integrated technol-ogy and culture, we will have a regular diet, and not be tired and exhausted in a routine living style. In addition, people should remain calm and avoid excessive desires and fantasies, maintaining the natural purity and clarity of the mind, thus illness and disease can be avoided. The concept supporting the yin-yang-pair model is potentially based on fundamental quantum effects. In ancient times, yin- yang theory advised people to guard themselves against disease-causing factors, and the role of yin-yang recurrence can be subtle as quantum microscale mechanisms. We may consider a biological system that exploits coherent superposition of states of yin-yang recurrence for some practical purposes and provide the possibility for mankind reversing ageing issues, making people happy and have healthy life.

文章引用: 李宗谚, 张恒鸿, 陈维熊. 中医阴阳循行的量子元素[J]. 中医学, 2017, 6(2): 40-45. https://doi.org/10.12677/TCM.2017.62008


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