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    The Effort Distribution of Software Development Phases

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王 勇,张 敬:中国海洋大学信息科学与工程学院,山东 青岛

软件项目管理开发阶段正态分布进度控制Software Project Management Development Phases Normal Distribution Schedule Control


为了对软件开发过程进行有效控制,需要了解软件生命周期不同开发阶段的成本分布规律。本文通过分析一个大规模真实软件工程项目数据集-EDS,对不同开发阶段成本的分布规律进行了全面地揭示,发现各开发阶段成本符合正态分布,New Development类型和Enhancement类型的项目成本分布一致,Other Projects & Services类型和其他三种开发类型项目成本分布存在显著差异。随着项目持续时间的增加,Produce阶段成本呈上升趋势,Implement阶段成本呈下降趋势。本文的研究结果与传统基于单个项目或小规模数据集上得出的结果有较大不同,对软件项目成本的管理和进度控制有较好的促进作用。

In order to effectively control the software development process, understanding the distribution rules of different life cycle phases is needed. This paper analyzes the effort distribution of devel-opment phases on the basis of a large-scale real software project data set-EDS. It is found that the phase effort is consistent with the normal distribution, and the effort distribution of New Development type and Enhancement type is consistent. There are significant differences in the distribution patterns between the Other Projects & Services type and the other three development types. As the duration of the project grows, the effort of Produce phase is on the rise and the Implementation phase effort is declining. The results of the study are quite different from the traditional results based on the individual project or small-scale data sets, which have a good effect on software project effort management and schedule control.

王勇, 张敬. 软件开发阶段成本分布研究[J]. 计算机科学与应用, 2017, 7(5): 428-437. https://doi.org/10.12677/CSA.2017.75052


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