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    给定匹配数的Steiner Wiener指数极小树
    The Minimal Trees of Steiner Wiener Index with Given Matching Number

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刘中柱,何莉:惠州学院数学与大数据学院,广东 惠州

Steiner距离匹配数Steiner Distance Tree Matching Number


本文讨论了给定匹配数的树中k-Steiner Wiener指数的极小值,并刻画了极图。图G的k-Steiner Wiener指数定义为图G中任意k-点集S的Steiner距离d(S)的和,而点集S的Steiner距离d(S) 是包含点集S的最小子树的边的数目。

The Steiner distance d(S) of a vertex set S is defined as the minimum number of edges of a tree whose vertex set contains a vertex set S, and the Steiner k-Wiener index SKW(G) of G is defined as the sum of d(S) among all possible k-vertex set S of G. In this paper, we determine the minimal value of SKW(G) in the class of trees with given matching number.

刘中柱, 何莉. 给定匹配数的Steiner Wiener指数极小树[J]. 理论数学, 2017, 7(3): 193-199.


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