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The Potential Application of Genes for Aphid Resistance in Cotton Breeding

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作者: 杨彩峰, 李刚强, 王楠, 许芳芳, 郭文芳, 刘德虎*:中国农业科学院生物技术研究所,北京

关键词: 蚜虫抗蚜基因凝集素棉花抗蚜Aphid Aphid-Resistant Genes Agglutinin Aphid-Resistant Cotton

摘要: 蚜虫是一种常见的农作物害虫,作为农作物害虫和多种植物病毒的传播者而成为影响农业发展的重要害虫之一。对蚜虫的有效防治一直是众多科学工作者所面对的难题。抗蚜植物基因工程以其对蚜虫较好的防治效果而受到广泛关注和重视。本文就当前已发现的抗蚜基因和植物防御机制进行了概述,讨论了抗蚜基因在棉花抗蚜基因工程中的应用价值并对未来抗蚜植物基因工程的发展方向提出看法,为抗蚜转基因棉花的研究提供理论依据。
Abstract: Aphid is a common crop pest. As a kind of agricultural pest and the carrier of plant viruses, aphids result in serious damage in the development of agriculture. Scientists try their best to find out the effective method for aphid control. Scientists pay attention to transgenic engineering for its high efficiency in aphid resistance. In this paper, the progress of the aphid resistance engineering research in recent years were reviewed, the potential application of aphid-resistant gene in aphid- resistant cotton transgenic engineering and the development direction of aphid-resistant transgenic breeding were discussed. We provide an overview and information useful for aphid-resis- tant cotton transgenic breeding.

文章引用: 杨彩峰, 李刚强, 王楠, 许芳芳, 郭文芳, 刘德虎. 抗蚜基因在棉花育种中的潜在应用[J]. 植物学研究, 2017, 6(3): 124-133. https://doi.org/10.12677/BR.2017.63017


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