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    Preparation and Anti-Sintering Property Study of Nano-La2Ce2O7 Powder

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徐子慧,车军伟,梁工英:西安交通大学理学院,陕西 西安

溶胶-凝胶法纳米结构抗烧结性Sol-Gel Method Nano-Structure Anti-Sintering Property


通过溶胶–凝胶法合成纳米La2Ce2O7粉末,对得到的纳米粉末通过XRD、SEM和TEM进行结构表征、形貌分析以及性能研究。结果表明此种方法在较低温度下(700℃)即可得到晶型稳定的萤石结构的纳米La2Ce2O7粉末,煅烧温度升高到1000℃仍为纳米结构,晶粒大小在30 nm左右;纳米La2Ce2O7的晶粒团聚在一起,且粒径分布均匀;算得的晶体生长活化能为27.85 KJ∙mol−1;La2Ce2O7陶瓷片在1400℃下保温6 h后相对密度为90%,具有良好的抗烧结性能。

The nano-sized La2Ce2O7 powders were synthesized by sol-gel method. The structure, morphology and properties of the nano-powders were analysed by XRD, SEM and TEM. The results show that this method can obtain nano-La2Ce2O7 powder with stable fluorite crystal structure at lower temperature (700˚C). The calcination temperature is increased to 1000˚C, and the grain size is about 30 nm. The grains of nano-La2Ce2O7 are agglomerated together and the particle size distribution is uniform. The calculated activation energy of the crystal is 27.85 KJ∙mol−1. The La2Ce2O7 ceramic disk has a good anti-sintering performance after incubation at 1400˚C for 6 hours.

徐子慧, 刘向阳, 车军伟, 梁工英. 纳米La2Ce2O7粉末的制备及其抗烧结性能的研究[J]. 应用物理, 2017, 7(5): 140-148.


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