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    Identification and Sequence Analysis of a Calmodulin-Binding Protein Gene from Citrus Grandis var. Shatinyu Hort

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罗 琼,谭鸿妮,黄仕莉,刘华英,秦新民:广西师范大学生命科学学院,广西 桂林

沙田柚钙调素结合蛋白基因序列分析Citrus Grandis var. Shatinyu Hort Calmodulin-Binding Protein Gene Sequence Analysis


利用高通量测序对沙田柚自交和异交花柱进行转录组测序,通过差异分析得到了沙田柚钙调素结合蛋白(CaMBP)基因序列。采用生物信息学方法,对其编码的蛋白质从序列特征、理化性质、跨膜结构域、高级结构以及功能域等方面进行了预测和分析。结果表明该基因全长为1616 bp,开放阅读框(ORF)全长为1368 bp,编码455个氨基酸,编码蛋白质的分子量为50.11 KDa,理论等电点为5.33。该蛋白质含有一个与钙调素结合蛋白相同的保守结构域。氨基酸序列比对结果显示,其编码的蛋白质与克莱门柚(Citrus clementina)的钙调结合蛋白相似性较高,相似度约为98%。这些分析结果可为今后深入研究该蛋白的结构特征和功能提供参考。

In this paper, the transcriptome of the self-pollinated style and cross-pollinated style of Citrus grandis var. Shatinyu Hort were sequenced by high-throughput sequencing technology. A calmo-dulin-binding protein gene sequence of Citrus grandis var. Shatinyu Hort was obtained though differential analysis method, and some characters of the calmodulin-binding protein were analyzed and predicted by bioinformatics method, including the composition of amino acid sequence, physicochemical parameters, hydrophobicity, transmembrane domain, secondary structure and function of protein etc. The results showed that the calmodulin-binding protein gene was 1616 bp in length with an open reading frame (ORF) of 1368 bp, encoding 455 amino acids with deduced molecular weight of 50.11 KDa, and theoretical pI value of 5.33, and contained a calmodulin-binding proteins domain. Bioinformatics analysis showed that the calmodulin-binding protein was a hydrophobic and unstable protein. The homology analysis of amino acid sequence indicated that the calmodulin-binding protein shared high homology with calmodulin-binding protein of Citrus clementina (98%). This work provides a systemic sequence analysis of the calmodulin-binding protein of Citrus grandis var. Shatinyu Hort. It will provide the useful reference for further investigation of its structure and function.

罗琼, 谭鸿妮, 黄仕莉, 刘华英, 秦新民. 沙田柚钙调素结合蛋白(CaMBP)基因的鉴定与序列分析[J]. 自然科学, 2017, 5(2): 203-210. https://doi.org/10.12677/OJNS.2017.52027


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