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    Fabrication of Opal/Inverse Opal Structure by Vertical Deposition and Centrifugal Sedimentation

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韩吉薇,秦俊杰,李 雪,董博华,曹立新,王 玮:中国海洋大学材料科学与工程研究院,山东 青岛

垂直沉积离心沉降蛋白石结构反蛋白石结构Vertical Deposition Centrifugal Sedimentation Opal Structure Inverse Opal Structure


采用无皂乳液聚合的方法合成了粒径可控且范围在485 nm-660 nm内的聚苯乙烯(PS)微球乳液,得到的PS微球粒径均一且带有负电荷,满足组装成二维和三维光子晶体的条件。采用垂直沉积和离心沉降两种方法制备蛋白石结构和反蛋白石结构光子晶体,并对其形貌进行分析。垂直沉积法得到的蛋白石结构和反蛋白石结构光子晶体结构紧密为六方堆积结构,排列有序,缺陷较少。但获得的光子晶体质量有限且制备周期较长,并限于二维类薄膜结构,适合对结构要求比较高的低维材料应用。离心沉积法得到的蛋白石结构和反蛋白石结构光子晶体存在多种排列结构,有序性差含有较多缺陷。但这种方法得到的光子晶体材料量大且制备周期短,具有三维材料结构,适合对结构有序度要求不高的光子晶体大批量负载材料等应用。

Polystyrene (PS) microsphere with controlled particle size ranging from 485 nm to 660 nm was synthesized by emulsifier-free emulsion polymerization. The synthesized PS microspheres have uniform size with narrow size distribution and are negatively surface charged. High monodispersity of microspheres allows them self-assemble to form 2D or 3D ordered opal structure. We analyzed the opal and inverse opal structural photonic crystals obtained by vertical deposition and centrifugal sedimentation. The photonic crystals in opal structure and inverse opal structure ob-tained by the vertical deposition method are hexagonal packed lattice. Although the photonic crystals obtained by this way are film-like materials in relatively small quantity and the prepara-tion is time consuming, the formed materials have high degree of order in structure with fewer defects and thus it is suitable for applications requiring high ordered structural requirements. The photonic crystals of opal structure and inverse opal structure obtained by centrifugal sedi-mentation have a variety of arrangement structures. They are poorly ordered and contain more defects. However, a large area of photonic crystal material can be obtained by this method and the preparation cycle is short, and thus this method is suitable for the fabrication of load materials in bulk amount but with less demanding on the structure.

韩吉薇, 秦俊杰, 李雪, 董博华, 曹立新, 王玮. 垂直沉积和离心沉降的蛋白石结构与反蛋白石结构的制备研究[J]. 材料科学, 2017, 7(3): 353-361.


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