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    Optimization Countermeasures of Beijing’s Fresh Agricultural Products Delivery

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生鲜农产品宅配优化对策Fresh Agricultural Products Home Delivery Optimizing Strategy



With the popularity of electronic commerce and the development of the fast mail service in recent years, the home delivery demand of fresh agricultural products is growing in a rapid way in Beijing. There are a lot of development spaces of fresh agricultural home delivery. But Beijing’s fresh agricultural products home delivery still exist many problems, for example: the scale of the home delivery is small; the supply chain is not perfect; the informational technology is not mature and so on. In addition to that, there are also the other problems, the trust problems of demand groups; No-load problem in the home delivery; It is unable to spread quickly to format the market. This article will analyze and research the three problems by field investigation, questionnaire survey, consulting a large number of documents and meeting materials and so on, combining with the unique environmental analysis, there put forward three optimized measures for Beijing: establishing a standardization for home delivery; building a home delivery market segment; establishing the platform to share information for the home delivery.

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