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    Empirical Study on the Relationship between Internet Finance and Commercial Banks’ Profitability

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陈建勇,蓝裕平:北京师范大学珠海分校国际商学部,广东 珠海

互联网金融商业银行盈利实证研究Internet Finance Commercial Bank Profitability Empirical Study



This paper adopted panel data regression technique, 16 listed commercial banks in China from 2006 to 2016 were analyzed. It proves that internet finance has significant positive relationship with the profitability of listed commercial banks. Moreover, internet finance increased the total risk level of commercial banks significantly. It is recommended that commercial banks should increase investments both in the field of internet finance R & D and related human resource.

陈建勇, 蓝裕平. 互联网金融对商业银行盈利影响的实证研究[J]. 财富涌现与流转, 2017, 7(2): 30-35.


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