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    Atomic Model and Experimental Analysis Based on Particle Spin

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吴先金:长江大学信息与数学学院,湖北 荆州

粒子自旋原子模型基本电荷光子静止质量常数Particle Spin Atomic Model Basic Charge Photon Rest Mass Constant



The atomic model is the foundation of atomic physics. In this paper, the principle of atomic nuc-leus interaction with electrons is discussed, and the atomic model based on particle spin is pro-posed by analysis of experimental particle spin. The nucleus outer gradient energy level, outer electron energy, basic charge and electromagnetic effect principle are described based on analysis of the Planck's constant and related experimental. The interaction between electron and photon and the principle of photoelectric effect are discussed based on the assumption of photon (elementary particle) rest mass constant. Finally, the relationship between hydrogen atom spectra and fine structure constants is discussed. This article discusses some basic problems of atomic model, will open up new ideas for the development of atomic physics, showing broad prospects for application of atomic physics.

吴先金. 基于粒子自旋的原子模型与实验分析[J]. 现代物理, 2017, 7(4): 94-105.


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