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    Progress in Research on Metabolism and Pharmacology of Danning Tablets and Its Main Pharmacodynamics

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胆宁片药效成分代谢药理学Danning Tablets Medicinal Composition Metabolism Pharmacology



Danning Tablets which could promote choleresis, reduce inflammation and prevent gallstone, have good therapeutic effects on chronic biliary tract infection and cholelithiasis in clinical practice. In recent years, the treatment of Danning Tablets on nonalcoholic fatty liver disease has gradually been recognized. This passage provides a summary on the regulation mechanism of Danning Tablets and its main components in glucose metabolism, lipid metabolism and bile acid metabolism, and provides the basis for further research and application of Danning Tablets in metabolic related diseases.

黄杰, 尤圣富, 杨铭, 郑培永, 季光. 胆宁片及其主要药效成分代谢药理学研究进展[J]. 中医学, 2017, 6(3): 160-168.


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