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    Analysis of the Reason and Characteristics of the High Water Level in the Middle and Lower Reaches of Yangtze River in 2016

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秦志伟,张冬冬,熊 莹,李妍清:长江水利委员会水文局,湖北 武汉

长江中下游洪水特性高水位成因分析2016年Middle and Lower Reaches of Yangtze River Characteristics of Flood High Water Level Reason Analysis 2016



Regional flood occurred in the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River in 2016 is the largest flood since 1999. The reasons for this flood include abundant precipitation in the first half year, flood of the tributary encountering with each other, downstream jacking, changed river-lake relation and stage-discharge relation caused by channel deposition and erosion and other human factors. Luohan, Hankou and Datong are taken as examples to analyze the change of cross section morphology and stage-discharge relation, and the results are compared with those of the flood in 1996.

秦志伟, 张冬冬, 熊莹, 李妍清. 2016年长江中下游干流高水位成因及特点[J]. 水资源研究, 2017, 6(4): 349-356. https://doi.org/10.12677/JWRR.2017.64042


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