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    The Way of Enhancing Effectiveness for Utilization Water Resources on the Yellow River

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水资源水体资源水能资源节水灌溉发电综合效益黄河Water Resources Water Body Resources Hydraulic Power Resources Irrigation of Water Saving Power Generation Comprehensive Effectiveness Yellow River



For the river with a hydropower potential, it is highly recommended to promote water saving irrigation strategy in the upper stream and midstream, where the water has a higher topography and greater potential energy. The water saved will not only increase the stream base flow in the long lower reaches, but also increase both energy output and firm power of the cascade hydropower stations. The Yellow River basin is located in arid areas of North China, and the water mainly comes from the upper course of Lanzhou. The hydraulic power resources of the river are mainly located in the upper and middle reaches, along the 3 gorge segments from Duoshixia to Qingtongxia, Hekouzhen (Toudaoguai) to Yumenkou, and Tongguan to Xixiayuan, where 30 hydroelectric power plants have been constructed. The use of Yellow River water has contributed mostly to farmland irrigation, that occurs largely in the segment from Lanzhou to Hekouzhen arid area in the upper reach, and the North China Plain downstream of Huayuankou. In order to make full use of water resources in the Yellow River, the water saving irrigation strategy needs to be widely implemented in upper reach arid areas. The saved water, after running through the cascade hydropower stations to generate more electric powers, flows into the lower reach of the Yellow River. This will not only increase the base flow in the lower reach to benefit water usage, shipping, and the ecological environment etc., but also increase both energy output and firm power of the cascade hydropower stations for a more effective utilization of water resources in the Yellow River.

彭瑞善. 提高黄河水资源利用效益的途径[J]. 水资源研究, 2017, 6(4): 384-391. https://doi.org/10.12677/JWRR.2017.64045


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