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    Design and Implementation of Irrigation Water Effective Utilization Coefficient and Major Crop Water Requirement

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徐学飞,胡学祥:云南省水文水资源局普洱分局,云南 普洱

灌溉水有效利用系数作物需水量测算与试验设计与实施Irrigation Water Effective Utilization Coefficient Crop Water Demand Calculation and Test Design and Implementation



The calculation of irrigation water effective use efficiency and main crop water demand are the practical needs of the implementation of the most stringent water resources management system. It is also an urgent requirement for irrigation system planning and rural water conservancy project designing. Based on the “irrigation water utilization technology guidelines” and “irrigation test specifications”, the relevant technical requirements, the city’s irrigation data and site were collected and surveyed; sample irrigation and typical plots were also selected. The effective calculation of the effective utilization coefficient of irrigation water and the implementation plan of the main crop water demand test were conducted. At the same time, the implementation of the project will fill the effective utilization coefficient of irrigation water and the main crop water demand in the Pu’er City, and provide scientific basis for promoting agricultural water saving management to improve the efficiency of irrigation water significance. The implementation of this project is expected to provide some useful reference for the design and implementation of similar projects.

徐学飞, 胡学祥. 农田灌溉水有效利用系数测算和主要作物需水量试验方案设计与实施[J]. 水资源研究, 2017, 6(4): 407-414. https://doi.org/10.12677/JWRR.2017.64048


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