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    Photonic Transistor Device Based on a Whispering Gallery Mode Cavity Optomechanical System

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邓小熈,陈华俊,李学超:安徽理工大学力学与光电物理学院,安徽 淮南

回音壁腔腔光力光学三极管Whispering Gallery Mode Cavity Cavity Optomechanics Optical Transistor



Whispering gallery mode (WGM) cavities, due to their high-quality factors, small mode volumes, and simple fabrications, have potential applications in photonic devices. In this paper, we present an all-optical transistor based on a coupled realistic WGM cavity optomechanical system with an optical pump-probe scheme. In the system, the transmission of the signal field is manipulated by the optical control power, and the signal field can be efficiently attenuated or amplified depending on the power of a second gating (control) field, which indicates a promising candidate for single-photon transistors. This WGM cavity optomechanical system may have potential chip scale applications in on-chip quantum information processing devices.

邓小熈, 陈华俊, 李学超. 基于回音壁腔光力系统的光学三极管[J]. 现代物理, 2017, 7(4): 142-147.


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