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    Adaptive Dynamic Programming Based on Hierarchical Learning

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林巧,李旻朔:浙江师范大学,数理与信息工程学院,浙江 金华

认知发育自适应动态规划神经网络分层学习Cognitive Adaptive Dynamic Programming Neural Network Hierarchical Learning


本文基于婴儿的认知发育模型LOC (Levels of Consciousness)提出了基于分层学习的自适应动态规划方法以改进学习和优化。根据LOC模型中感知的层次性以及工作目标的层次定义,为自适应动态规划设计了多层的目标网络结构及相应的分层学习方法。在自适应评价中引入多层的目标表征将引导系统做出好的决策并最终实现目标。文中给出了分层自适应动态规划的系统结构、学习和自适应过程,并通过模拟系统GLD (Green Light Domain),在自适应交通信号控制模拟实验上验证了该方法的学习和控制能力。

This paper introduces an adaptive dynamic program method based on hierarchical learning. The motivations for this idea come from the levels of consciousness (LOC) model, which address the interdependence between consciousness and action in baby’s development. The introduction of a multilevel goal representation into the adaptive critic is able to guide the system’s decision-making to accomplish the long-term goal over time, mimicking certain levels of brain-like intelligence. The detailed system architecture, learning and adaption procedure are presented, and the learning and control capability of this approach is verified through light control in GLD (Green Light Domain).

林巧, 李旻朔. 基于分层学习的自适应动态规划[J]. 人工智能与机器人研究, 2017, 6(3): 91-96.


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