CSA  >> Vol. 7 No. 8 (August 2017)

    Research and Mine on Mobile Phone Feature Based on User Reviews

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高 威,傅湘玲:北京邮电大学,北京

数据挖掘特征提取短语匹配能量模型Data Mining Feature Extraction Phrase Match Energy Model



User online comment is becoming the important data resource for enterprise to get user's re-quirement in Internet environment. However, how to accurately and effectively extract the char-acteristics of the product and its description of the characteristics in the vast sea of comments is a difficult problem of the theory and practice. Based on the data preprocessing and feature extraction, the LinLog energy model is introduced to cluster and analyze the features of products and their descriptive information, so as to obtain the accurate evaluation of the feature. This paper applies the energy model to the evaluation of 4 mobile phones collected from Jingdong Mall, and then analyzes the clustering results, finally obtains the advantages and disadvantages of the four mobile phones. The results show that this method can extract the features of the product intuitively and effectively from the content generated by user.

高威, 傅湘玲. 基于用户评论的手机特征挖掘应用研究[J]. 计算机科学与应用, 2017, 7(8): 738-746. https://doi.org/10.12677/CSA.2017.78085


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