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    Study on Trajectory Tracking Control of Two-Wheel Difference Speed of AGV

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杨李朋,张文丰,王 昊:上海电力学院 能源与机械工程学院,上海

AGVBack-stepping轨迹跟踪LyapunovAGV Back-Stepping Trajectory Tracking Lyapunov



In view of trajectory tracking control problem of AGV, a Back-stepping control algorithm is pro-posed. Firstly, the AGV kinematics model and tracking pose error model are established; Then, the whole nonlinear system is decomposed into several sub-systems by using Back-stepping method, and the Lyapunov function and the intermediate virtual control are constructed and has been back to export control law of system step by step. Finally, the simulation experiment of line tracking and circular tracking was carried out in MATLAB environment. The results show that the tracking error converges to zero quickly, and trajectory tracking effect is wonderful. Back-stepping method combined with Lyapunov theory design the controller, not only can achieve AGV on the reference trajectory global asymptotic tracking, but also has high accuracy and robustness.

杨李朋, 张文丰, 王昊. 两轮差速AGV的轨迹跟踪控制研究[J]. 软件工程与应用, 2017, 6(4): 59-67.


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