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    The Research of Mobile Agent Mechanism to Replace the Message in Internet of Things

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胡文文,贺敏伟:广东财经大学信息学院,广东 广州

移动代理移动代理系统安全机制Mobile Agent Mobile Agent System Security


移动代理技术是新型的分布计算技术,随着云计算技术的跟进,物联网中移动代理也具有很好的应用前景。移动代理系统是实现移动代理应用的基础框架。本文简述了移动代理(mobile agent)和移动代理系统(mobile agent system)的定义和特点以及研究现状,讨论了移动代理存在的安全问题,并针对引起安全问题的不同源头给出了不同的保护机制,并分析了移动代理可能的发展趋势。

Mobile agent technology is a new type of distributed computing technology; with the follow up of cloud computing technology, mobile agent also has the very good application prospect in internet of things. Mobile agent system is the basis of the realization of mobile agent application framework. This paper briefly describes the definition, characteristics and research status of the mobile agent and the mobile agent system. Meanwhile, this paper discusses the security problems of mobile agent, and according to the different reasons of security problems, we propose different protection mechanism. At last we analyze the development trend of mobile agent.

胡文文, 贺敏伟. 物联网中信息更新移动代理机制研究[J]. 计算机科学与应用, 2017, 7(8): 747-752. https://doi.org/10.12677/CSA.2017.78086


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