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    Effects of Materials and Geometric Dimensions on the Flying Characteristics of a Slider in Gas-Filled Hard Disk Drives

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杨廷毅,白雪,王辉林,刘原勇:山东理工大学,机械工程学院,山东 淄博

充气硬盘磁头滑块润滑方程飞行特性Gas-Filled Hard Disk Drive Slider Gas Lubrication Equation Flying Characteristics



With increasing of the magnetic recording density in hard disk drives (HDDs), the flying height of the slider is less than 10 nm. When a HDD is subjected to external shock loadings, the flying para-meters of the slider, including the minimum flying height, the pitch angle, the roll angle, will change over time. By solving the gas film lubrication equation in the head/disk interface and establishing a structural finite element model of a HDD system, effects of HDD cover materials, suspension materials, disk materials, suspension thickness, disk thickness, on the flying characteristics of the slider are studied in this paper. The results show that the disk materials and thicknesses have a less effect on the flying parameters of the slider, the effects of suspension materials and thicknesses on the flying characteristics of the slider are obvious. The flying parameters of the slider are changed least for a HDD with an ABS plastic cover among the studied different materials.

杨廷毅, 白雪, 王辉林, 刘原勇. 材料和几何尺寸对充气硬盘磁头滑块飞行特性的影响[J]. 机械工程与技术, 2017, 6(3): 240-249.


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