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    The Preparation and Inspection of Coping Style Questionnaire for Grass-Roots Civil Servants

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基层公务员应对方式编制检验Civil Servant Coping Style Preparation Inspection


基层公务员应对方式初试问卷以天津行政学院、天津市委党校抽取的496名初任公务员、在职公务员研究生为测试对象,对测试结果进行因素分析,在此基础上对所获得的问卷条目进行适当地删除、修改。删除、修改后的应对方式问卷再以天津市行政学院136名初任公务员为被试对象进行再次测量,以考察问卷的信效度。所有数据均采用SPSS16.0统计软件进行统计处理。研究获得如下结论:(1) 公务员应对方式包括3个二级因子(8个一级因子):问题回避型(逃避、宣泄、宗教)、问题解决型(问题应对、寻求支持、抑制干扰性活动)、问题接受型(接受事实、克制)。经两次探索性因素分析表明,该3个二级因子共同解释着基层公务员应对方式。(2) 所研制量表具有较高的信度和效度,可以作为基层公务员应对方式的测量工具。

Civil servants at the grass-roots level respond to try a questionnaire in Tianjin Administration Col-lege, party school of Tianjin municipal committee in extraction of 496 civil servants and on-the-job officeholder graduate students, to be appointed as the test object, through factor analysis, on this basis of the test result, the questionnaire items obtained are properly deleted and modified. After deletion and modification, the questionnaire was remeasured by 136 civil servants in Tianjin Ad-ministration College, and the validity of the questionnaire was investigated. All data were statisti-cally processed using SPSS16.0 statistical software. Research to obtain the following conclusions: (1) coping style of civil servants includes three secondary factors (8 primary factors): problem avoider (escape, catharsis, religion), problem solver (problem coping, seeking support, restraining the in-terference activity), problem acceptor (acceptance, restraint). The analysis of two exploratory fac-tors shows that the three secondary factors explain the coping style of civil servants. (2) the devel-oped scale has high reliability and validity, which can be used as a measurement tool for the basic civil servants coping style.

张绍兴 (2017). 基层公务员应对方式问卷的编制与检验. 心理学进展, 7(8), 1003-1008. https://doi.org/10.12677/AP.2017.78125


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