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    Research on the Influential Factors of Flying Characteristics of a Slider in a Filled-Gas Hard Disk Drive

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杨廷毅,白雪,吕传毅,郭前建:山东理工大学机械工程学院,山东 淄博

磁头/磁盘界面充气硬盘磁头滑块飞行特性修正Reynolds方程Head/Disk Interface Filled-Gas Hard Disk Drive Head Slider Flying Characteristic Modified Reynolds Equation



In order to reduce the gas resistance of the high speed rotating disk and the impact and vibration of internal structure in a hard disk drive (HDD), and improve the storage density and working stability of a HDD, some kinds of gases with a low density are considered to fill inside a sealed HDD. The filled-gas HDD has some advantages of a large capacity, energy saving and heat dissipation performance. In an operating HDD, the flying characteristics of the slider, including the bearing capacity W, the pressure center Xc and Yc, have an important effect on the working stability of the HDD. In present paper, the effects of the gas physical properties filled inside the HDD, surface roughness, disk rotational speed, flying height and pitch angle, on flying characteristics of the slider, are studied. The results show that the W of the slider increases with the increase of the disk rotational speed, the decrease of the flying height, the decrease of the pitch angle and the decrease of proportion of helium gas in a mixed gas. The Xc decreases with the increase of the disk rotational speed, the increase of flying height, the decrease of the pitch angle. For different disk rotational speed, flying height, pitch angle, and proportion of helium gas in a mixed gas, the Yc keeps almost unchanged. For different direction of roughness (γ), the roughness height (σ) has different effect on W, Xc and Yc.

杨廷毅, 白雪, 吕传毅, 郭前建. 充气硬盘磁头滑块飞行特性影响因素研究[J]. 流体动力学, 2017, 5(3): 91-101. https://doi.org/10.12677/IJFD.2017.53011


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