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    Quantum Channel Physical Security Detection Based on Photon Number Measurement

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彭 建:华北电力大学数理学院,北京

量子密钥分配单光子探测器密钥安全性密钥码率Quantum Key Distribution Single Photon Detector Key Security Key Bit Rate



The ideal single photon source and high performance single photon detectors are two key factors that restrict the key security and bit rate in quantum key distribution system. As a single photon source, the weak coherent pulse must contain fewer average photon number for the sake of security, thus the quantum bit rate cannot be raised to a high level. Superconducting transition edge sensor for single photon detection has been introduced. It is proposed that multi-port beam splitter combined with many APDs can be used to detect the photon number in weak coherent pulse in quantum key distribution system. The attack tactics of eavesdropper is analyzed, and based on photon number detection, it is proposed that the average photon number in weak coherent pulse can be improved, thus the quantum key bit rate can be improved.

彭建. 基于光子数测量的量子信道物理安全检测[J]. 应用物理, 2017, 7(8): 235-246.


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