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    Domination Numbers for Generalized Base-b Hypercube Networks

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师海忠,杨进霞:西北师范大学数学与统计学院,甘肃 兰州

广义b-基超立方体网络NPC问题控制数Generalized Base-b Hypercube Network NPC Problem Domination Number


控制数是刻画容错网络中资源共享可靠性的一个参数。确定网络的控制数是NPC问题。Lakshmivarahan, Dhall提出了著名的互连网络—广义b-基超立方体网络。该文给出了当b=3,n=2,3,4 时广义b-基超立方体网络控制数的具体值,以及当5n8 时控制数的界;进一步提出了两个问题和与该问题相对应的两个猜想。

Domination number is a parameter to describe the reliability of resource sharing in a fault-tole- rant network. Determining the domination numbers of a graph is a NPC problem. Generalized base-b hypercube has been put forward by Lakshmivardhan and Dhall, which is a famous inter-connection network. In this paper, we study the exact values of the domination numbers of generalized base-b hypercube for b=3,n=2,3,4 and the bounds of the domination numbers for 5n8. Furthermore, two problems and two conjectures with the problems are proposed.

师海忠, 杨进霞. 广义b-基超立方体网络的控制数[J]. 计算机科学与应用, 2017, 7(9): 814-819. https://doi.org/10.12677/CSA.2017.79093


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