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    Research of Loop Shift Behavior in Soft Mag-netic Amorphous Ribbons

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热磁退火回线偏移行为微晶相非晶带磁锻炼单向各向异性Field Annealing Asymmetrical Loop Crystalline Phase Amorphous Ribbon Magnetic Training Uni-directional Anisotropy



In this dissertation, the formations of displaced loops behavior were obtained by studying series of Co-based and Fe-based amorphous ribbons. And the relevant factors including induced magnetic anisotropy, magnetic domain and torque were investigated. Further, the main origin of loop shift of ribbons was clearly explained. Finally, we also tried to find a way, by which the shift field can be modulated.

周磊, 何峻, 喻晓军, 李波. 软磁非晶薄带磁滞回线偏移行为研究[J]. 凝聚态物理学进展, 2017, 6(3): 64-73.


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