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    Clinical Observation on Treatment of 120 Cases of Snakebite by Combination of Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine

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王宝福,刘开翔,占志朋,冯胜刚:川北医学院第二临床医学院(南充市中心医院)肾脏内科,四川 南充;
谢席胜:川北医学院第二临床医学院(南充市中心医院)肾脏内科,四川 南充;成都医学院肾脏内科,四川 成都

蛇咬伤中西医内外治疗效观察Snake Bite Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Effect Observation



Objective: To retrospectively summarize the therapeutic effect of combined treatment of 120 cases of snake bite in China and Western Medicine. Methods: Extracting and analyzing the data of 120 patients’ age, sex, occupation, injured parts, snake species, teeth marks, local symptoms and systemic symptom, routine blood, liver, muscle enzymes, renal function, electrolyte, blood coagulation function, electrocardiogram (ECG) before and after being treated by combination of Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine. Results: Increased leukocyte, elevated liver enzyme, elevated muscle enzyme and increased urea nitrogen appeared in patients who were bitten by a snake, while reduced platelets, carbon dioxide, hypokalemia, hypocalcaemia and abnormal ECG occurred. After treatment, all the patients recovered to normal. Conclusion: Snake bites can cause multiple organ damage, and have great harm to the body, so they should be timely treated. There is high efficacy and less adverse effects treatment of snakebite by combination of Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine.

王宝福, 刘开翔, 占志朋, 谢席胜, 冯胜刚. 中西医内外治结合治疗毒蛇咬伤120例疗效观察[J]. 中医学, 2017, 6(4): 191-198.


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