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    应用Infoworks RS模拟溃堤洪水
    Application of InfoWorks RS to Simulate Dike-Break Floods

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李亚琳,王小笑:江西省水利科学研究院,江西 南昌

InfoWorks RS溃堤洪水模拟洪水风险InforWorks RS Dike-Break Flood Simulation Flood Risk


溃堤洪水具有历时短、速度快、流量大的特点,往往会对保护区内人民财产安全造成巨大影响。以江西省丰城大联圩防洪保护区为例,应用InfoWorks RS软件,从水力学、水文学、风险分析理论出发,通过数值计算、数理统计等技术手段,对赣江设计洪水及超标洪水进行溃堤洪水模拟分析,模拟了不同方案下溃堤洪水演进过程,统计了洪水淹没水深、面积等洪水影响要素。该分析成果为防洪减灾、灾害评估、避洪转移和人民财产安全保护提供了科学依据。

The dike-break flood has the characteristics of short duration, fast speed and large flow rate, which will cause great influence on the safety of the people’s property in the protected area. Based on the theory of hydraulics, hydrology and risk analysis, this paper uses the technical methods such as numerical calculation and mathematical statistics to simulate the dike-break flood under design and over-standard flood in the Ganjiang River. InfoWorks RS is employed to simulate the protection area of Fengcheng Dikes in Jiangxi Province. The flood routing and factors, such as inundated depth and area, are analyzed under different simulation cases. The results provide the scientific basis for flood prevention and mitigation, disaster assessment, flood transfer and protection of the people’s property.

李亚琳, 王小笑. 应用Infoworks RS模拟溃堤洪水[J]. 水资源研究, 2017, 6(5): 443-451. https://doi.org/10.12677/JWRR.2017.65052


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