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    The Moral Emotions and the Interpersonal Relationships in Online Games for High Grade Children

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蔡思洁:暨南大学管理学院,广东 广州;
熊 辉:广州临观教育信息有限公司,广东 广州

小学高年级儿童道德情绪人际关系预测Elementary School High Graders Moral Emotions Interpersonal Relationships Prediction



Mainly from the point of view of online games, with the questionnaire as research tool, based on the information collected by the questionnaire, by data processing and statistical inference, we analyze the present situation of the elementary school higher graders’ moral emotion and inter-personal relationship, and explore the relationship between the moral emotion and interpersonal relationship. Moreover, according to the results of the analysis, for the elementary school higher graders, we also make a prediction of moral emotion and interpersonal relationship in the future. This provides some references for the parents and school teachers who want to deal with the matter of children’s playing online games.

蔡思洁, 熊辉 (2017). 高年级儿童在网游中的道德情绪与人际关系. 心理学进展, 7(9), 1069-1077. https://doi.org/10.12677/AP.2017.79134


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