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    An Information Hiding Algorithm Based on Pixel Di?erence and Index Function

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申淑媛,余松森:华南师范大学,软件学院,广东 佛山;
黄立宏:长沙理工大学,湖南 长沙

像素差索引函数信息隐藏Pixel Value Difference Index Function Information Hiding


在2 × 2像素块中,参考像素值由索引函数随机确定,然后计算参考像素与其周围的其它三个像素值的差,根据像素差所处的划分范围决定嵌入像素的秘密信息比特数。利用余函数嵌入秘密信息有效地减少载密图像的失真度,在提取信息的过程中,量化后的像素值能准确的提取秘密信息。改进了Jung和Yoo提出的基于索引函数信息隐藏算法,使算法更具有安全性。

In the 2 × 2 pixel block, reference pixel values was randomly determined by the index function, And we calculated the pixel value difference between reference pixel value and the other three pixel value around it. The number of secret data was embedded according to the range of pixel value difference. Using complementary function embedded secret information to effectively re-duce the load of image distortion degree. In the process of extracting information, the quantitative pixel values can accurately extract the secret information. Our proposed method improves the Jung and Yoo information hiding algorithm based on index function, and the proposed algorithm has more security.

申淑媛, 黄立宏, 余松森. 基于像素差和索引函数的信息隐藏算法[J]. 计算机科学与应用, 2017, 7(10): 913-926. https://doi.org/10.12677/CSA.2017.710104


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