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    The Application of AHP in the Library PerformanceEvaluation

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AHP; Performance evaluation; Library



Nowadays, the performance evaluation of human resources in libraries has manifested the contemporary library management level. A scientific and reasonable evaluation method can prompt the progress and development of library. However, the traditional method is too subjective and can not reach the fair or objective requirements. It results in lots of unnecessary problems. Based on AHP, this paper builds the evalu-ation system of evaluation which uses mathematics model to quantify the target and result of evaluation. It applies clear numbers instead of vague language evaluation. It overcomes the drawbacks of traditional me-thod and matches examples to analyze. It can compare the advantages and disadvantages of each member in every aspect in the whole. So it not only makes fair and reasonable summary and judge of evaluation about the past work, but also provides overall consult and guidance for the future development. It makes great effort to offer a scientific, fair and reasonable method for performance evaluation.

顾海明, 郭蒙蒙. 层次分析法在图书馆绩效考核中的应用[J]. 运筹与模糊学, 2011, 1(1): 22-27. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/orf.2011.11005