CES  >> Vol. 5 No. 4 (October 2017)

    Research and Practice on General Education Course of Remote Sensing and the World

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刘志明:东北师范大学地理科学学院,吉林 长春

通识教育遥感教学模式教学实践General Education Remote Sensing Teaching Mode Teaching Practice



The space information technology which represented by satellite remote sensing is developing rapidly in recent years. In the context of big data, remote sensing has become the most important and direct source of information for the earth observation because of its characteristics of macroscopic and periodicity. GPS and Google Earth have come into our life. The Shenzhou spacecraft, the Chang’e lunar probe project, and the heavenly palace space station have all demonstrated the brilliance of China’s space exploration. In view of the students’ basic, interest and training goal of normal university, in combination with general education courses, through the teaching practice of “remote sensing and the world”, the curriculum design and teaching target and content, teaching methods, curriculum implementation and classroom management, assessment methods and other aspects of research teaching are carried out. It can train the comprehensive quality and broaden the knowledge level of students, improve the teaching level of interdisciplinary general knowledge courses, and achieve the purpose of general education.

刘志明. “遥感与世界”通识教育课的教学研究与实践[J]. 创新教育研究, 2017, 5(4): 392-397. https://doi.org/10.12677/CES.2017.54061


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