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    Analysis and Investigation for the Evaluating Index of Green Decoration by Fuzzy Delphi Method

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熊 辉,李 耿:广东景龙建设集团有限公司,广东 广州

绿色装修评估指标模糊Delphi法问卷调查Green Decoration Evaluating Index Fuzzy Delphi Method Questionnaire Survey



In the present paper, the relevant literatures of green decoration in the world have been discussed by the method of content analysis, and the evaluating index and its subordinate project of green decoration have been sorted out, and according to our own research, a new index-project framework has been built. For this new framework, through the method of expert interview, their opinion for the index and its including projects have been investigated to establish the evaluating index-project. Moreover, by using the fuzzy Delphi method, the questionnaire for the expert interview has been analyzed to explore the importance of the indicators and the projects.

熊辉, 李耿. 利用模糊Delphi法对绿色装修评估指标的调研与分析[J]. 土木工程, 2017, 6(6): 539-546. https://doi.org/10.12677/HJCE.2017.66065


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