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    Summarization on 73 Cases of Apoplectic Aphasia Patients after Stroke Who Treated by Electric Acupuncture and Rehabilitation Training

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周婷婷:长春中医药大学附属医院,吉林 长春;
邹雨彤:黑龙江农垦职业学院,黑龙江 哈尔滨

电针康复中风后失语Electric Acupuncture Rehabilitation Aphasia



Aphasia is that occurred due to the specific areas of the brain organic disease caused by a lack of words, a lot of cause lead to aphasia, acute cerebrovascular disease. In our country, there are about more than one third of patients with different degree of various speech impediments. This study selected patients with aphasia after stroke as the research object, and combined with head acupuncture point of language training and electric acupuncture for the treatment of aphasia after stroke, and has achieved good clinical effect, and discusses the relevant treatment mechanism and some regularity. Our study found that in patients with acupuncture of language training in the treatment group at the same time, no matter from the aspects of language comprehension and pronunciation, etc. were superior to control group using just one language training. We believe that the treatment of aphasia requires the combination of acupuncture and language rehabilitation to complement each other, which is the key to improve clinical efficacy.

周婷婷, 邹雨彤. 电针配合康复训练治疗中风后失语症73例体会[J]. 护理学, 2017, 6(5): 181-184. https://doi.org/10.12677/NS.2017.65036


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