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    The Application of Instillation Theory in Contemporary Ideological and Political Education

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刘 静:贵州师范大学马克思主义学院,贵州 贵阳

灌输理论思想政治教育创新Indoctrination Theory Ideological and Political Education Innovation



In the process of ideological and political education, indoctrination is an important method of choice. The theory cannot spontaneously arise from the workers’ movement, which must be in-stilled by the way. The theory of indoctrination was first initiated by Marx and Engels and was institutionalized and systematized by Lenin. The theory of indoctrination has the connotation of science, and the essence of indoctrination is the combination of theory and practice. The theory of indoctrination is the fundamental principle of ideological and political education. Only by means of indoctrination can we transform Marxist ideas into concepts of people and become the guiding force in people's practice. Only through instilling of theory can we cultivate the higher-quality talents of all-round development and unite our strength in the continuous development of today's socialism. Scientific use of indoctrination theory helps to strengthen the effectiveness of ideological and political education.

刘静. 灌输理论在当代思想政治教育中的运用[J]. 社会科学前沿, 2017, 6(11): 1374-1379.


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