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    Application of Gaussian Surface to the Parameter Extraction of Interconnection Line

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陈宝君,鞠艳杰:大连交通大学,电气信息学院,辽宁 大连

高斯函数互连线参数提取Gaussian Function Interconnection Line Parameter Extraction



With the further shrinkage of the feature size of integrated circuit, the reliability problem arising from RC delay of interconnection line becomes the main factor affecting the performance of chip. Affected by the manufacturing technology, the cross section of interconnection line is not regular rectangle, and RC delay is thus intensified. The analysis and computation of the parasitic parameter of such interconnection line using numerical method must firstly describe the rough surface. The surface height of interconnection line in the integrated circuit is not easy to measure. To this end, the paper proposes using Gaussian function to describe the rough surface. The experimental data indicate that the application of such surface to the parameters of interconnection line realizes accurate computation result.

陈宝君, 鞠艳杰. 高斯表面在互连线参数提取中的应用[J]. 应用物理, 2017, 7(11): 344-350.


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