AP  >> Vol. 7 No. 11 (November 2017)



孤独社会支持存在主义心理分析认知疗法Loneliness Social Support Existentialism Psychoanalysis Cognitive Therapy



Researches show that loneliness is widely related with health hazard, which can lead to a variety of psychosomatic disorders. Deeply understanding the nature and occurrence of loneliness could help establish the effective prevention and intervention mechanisms, so as to alleviate the public hazards caused by loneliness. This article comprehensively reviewed the loneliness theories and definitions proposed by scholars, and through discussion and research defined the theoretical basis of loneliness appearance.

王丽, 徐丽娜, 梁松梅, 崔明 (2017). 孤独理论基础的叙述性回顾. 心理学进展, 7(11), 1389-1395. https://doi.org/10.12677/AP.2017.711172


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