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    The Monetary Institution to Uphold Consumer Paramountcy in the Cheap-Money Era

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消费者主权廉价货币政策自我肯定需求Consumer Paramountcy; Cheap-Money Policy; Self-Assertiveness Demands



Consumer paramountcy theory emphasizes the function of the market to convey consumers’ demands and preferences. Free market advocates view the function as an important prerequisite for efficient productions. However, consumers’ paramountcy has been seriously ignored in the era of cheap money policy. Based on consumer paramountcy theory, we demonstrate the rationality to set up a people-oriented monetary institution at present in China. Let consumers hold the increased currency, which is directly injected by the central bank into their social security personal accounts. Consumers purchase what they need in the market according to their desire and preferences. Chinahas developed the most extensive manufacturing industries in the world, producers can arrange their productions in response to consumer’s demand provided by the market. In this case, enterprises are like bidders, who keep improving their production and operational effi- ciency, so as to obtain the consumers’ “vote”—their money. Abundant “votes” can meet the self-assertiveness demands of the enterprises, thus promoting their development.

胡正刚, 蔡恒进. 廉价货币时代捍卫消费者主权的货币制度[J]. 财富涌现与流转, 2012, 2(3): 33-38.


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