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    Self-Dual Permutation Codes over F2+vF2

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F2+vF2 自对偶置换码Gray映射F2+vF2 ; Self-Dual Permutation Code; Gray Map



Self-dual permutation codes over  F2+vF2are studied in this paper. The relationship of the existence of self-dual permutation codes over  F2+vF2and the existence of self-dual permutation codes over the binary field  F2 are obtained. Finally, a necessary and sufficient condition and a sufficient condition for the existence of self-dual permutation codes over  F2+vF2are given under some group theoretical conditions.

张光辉. 环F2+vF2上的自对偶置换码[J]. 理论数学, 2012, 2(4): 243-248.


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