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    Primitively Decomposable rpp Semigroups

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邱小伟,郭小江,王军旗,吴 瑕:江西师范大学,数学与信息科学学院

本原可分rpp半群Rees矩阵半群Primitively Decomposable; rpp Semigroups; Rees Matrix Semigroups



Completely 0-simple semigroup is a very important class of regular semigroups, and its also the basis for the structure of regular semigroups. Primitively decomposable rpp semigroups are generalizations of completely 0-simple semigroups in the range of rpp semigroups. In this paper, the author studied primitively decomposable rpp semigroups, gave some characterizations for these semigroups and proved that a semigroup S was primitively decomposable rpp semigroup if and only if it was a homomorphic image of Rees matrix semigroup over a left cancellative monoid satisfying some conditions. In addition, some special primitively decomposable rpp semigroups were considered and discussed.

邱小伟, 郭小江, 王军旗, 吴瑕. 本原可分rpp半群[J]. 理论数学, 2012, 2(4): 256-262.