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    The Soil Water Movement Experiment and Simulation in Northern Shaanxi Province

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董得福,黄领梅,沈 冰:西安理工大学西北水资源与环境生态教育部重点实验室

陕北坡地Hydrus-1D入渗土壤水分再分布保墒措施The Slope in Northern Shaanxi Province; Hydrus-1D; Infiltration; Soil Moisture Redistribution; Moisture Conservation Measure



The soil water movement in typical slope of the Mengcha Village, which is located in Mizhi Town, Northern Shaanxi Province, was analyzed by the Hydrus-1D model. The results showed that the straw mulching slope had obvious water-holding effect, and it could control the rain storage as well as the water-holding applying slope. The change rates in different depth of soil moisture were significantly different, shallow soil moisture variation is larger than the deeper. Hydrus-1D can simulate soil water movement effectively in the vertical direction as a prediction way.

董得福, 黄领梅, 沈冰. 陕北坡地土壤水分动态试验与模拟研究[J]. 水资源研究, 2012, 1(6): 454-459. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/JWRR.2012.16072


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