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    Blow-Up and Asymptotic Behavior of Global Solution of Damped Wave Equation with Dynamic Boundary Conditions

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靳 妞:河南工业大学数学系;

波动方程动力边界条件凸性引理解的爆破衰减估计Wave Equation; Dynamic Boundary Condition; Convexity Lemma; Blow-Up of Solution; Energy Decay



In this paper, the blow-up and asymptotic behavior of global solution of damped wave equation with dynamic boundary condition are discussed. By the convexity lemma and unstable set, the sufficient con- dition of the solution of the wave equation with negative and positive initial energy respectively are obtained. With the help of Nakao and stable set, the energy decay of the solution is given.

靳妞, 张宏伟, 呼青英. 动力边界条件的阻尼波动方程解的爆破性和渐近性[J]. 理论数学, 2012, 2(3): 144-151.


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