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    The 3D Model of Antenna Coupling in LHCD System

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波导阵波耦合功率谱分布反射特征模式Grills; Wave Coupling; Power Spectrum Distribution; Reflection Eigenmodes


通过数值计算对低杂波波导阵天线的耦合特性进行了模拟。采用三维天线耦合模型,考虑了波导沿环向及极向都为有限尺度,以及TETM模式的相互耦合。用数值积分的方法计算等离子体表面阻抗,利用此边界条件及波导口处电磁场的连续性。计算各波导在TE10主模2.45 GHz频率的低杂波信号的激励下,各TETM波导模式的反射系数。然后计算天线辐射的低杂波频率的功率谱分布。

The coupling performance of grills for lower hybrid frequency is obtained by digital simulation. The three dimensional model is adopted, namely considering the finite poloidal and toroidal sizes of the grills and coupling between TE modes and TM modes. The plasma surface impedance is estimated by digital integral method, and this boundary condition and the electromagnetic field continuity at the grills’ mouth are used. Under the main mode of 2.45 GHz lower hybrid frequency excited in the grills, the reflection factors of the TE and TM waveguide modes can be calculated. Then we obtain the lower hybrid frequency power spectrum distribution sent by the antennas.

朱学光, 丁伯江, 匡光力, 谢纪康, 刘艳丽. 低杂波电流驱动天线耦合的三维模型[J]. 现代物理, 2012, 2(3): 38-42.


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