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    Miscanthus Seed Longevity According to SampleSurvival Rate in Room Ambient

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席庆国,张 玲:东营市农业科学研究院,东营

芒属植物能源植物种子育苗种子寿命样本存活率 Miscanthus; Energy Plant; Seedling Culture; Seed Longevity; Sample Germination Rate



Successful germination and planting trials with method of “pot-culture—plug-separation—field- transplantation” have been conducted in Miscanthus with 95 seed samples from China. Miscanthus seed samples survived 100% in room ambient after 18 months storage in the North (>37˚N), their survival rate decreased to 17%~94% samples after 31 months storage, to 0% - 17% samples after 44 - 45 months storage and all died out after 55 months since seed collection.

席庆国, 张玲. 以样本存活率估算的芒属植物种子在常温条件下的寿命[J]. 植物学研究, 2013, 2(1): 46-50.


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