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    Analysis for the 3-Dimensinonal Time History Response of a Base-Isolated Building Structure

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基础隔振底框砖房时程分析层间剪力叠层橡胶支座振型有效质量系数Base-Isolation; Multi-Story Brick Buildings with Bottom-frame; Time History Analysis; Story Shear; La-minated Rubber Bearing; Modal Effective Mass Factor



In this paper, the three-dimensional analytical models of traditional anti-seismic and base-isolated masonry and concrete frame composite structures were created by the three-dimensional finite element code. In the light of code for seismic design of buildings, when buildings were analyzed by the time history method, the strong earthquake records and artificial acceleration time-history curves shall be selected based on the intensity, the design seismic group and site-class. Three sets of strong earthquake records and one set of artificial acceleration time-history curve were chosen in the analysis. Both the models were computed under the action of frequently occurred earthquake or rarely occurred earthquake under the actions of different seismic waves. The comparison between those results shows that the period of the traditional anti-seismic structure is prolonged by the base-isolated technology and the action of the earthquake will be reduced greatly. Usually the seismic fortification intensity of base-isolated structure is one or two degree less than that of traditional anti-seismic structure. It is adopting the base-isolated structure that will protect the life- safety and property of people and achieve good economic benefits.

康锦霞. 基础隔震底框砖房三维时程反应分析[J]. 土木工程, 2013, 2(1): 49-54. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/HJCE.2013.21009


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