ECL  >> Vol. 2 No. 1 (February 2013)

    The Logical Structure of the E-Commerce Platform Design and External Interfaces to Achieve of Online to Offline

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魏丽君,余 娟:湖南铁道职业技术学院电气工程系,株洲

线上到线下电子商务平台逻辑结构外部接口实现Online to Offline; E-Commerce Platform; Logical Structure; The Realization of the External Interface


O2O即Online to Offline,它是一种从线上到线下、将实体经济与线上资源贯通融合,让网络成为实体经济延伸到虚拟世界“前台”的一种电子商务模式,区别于B2B(Business To Business)以及C2C(Customer to Customer)而成为时下非常流行的商业模式。本文在关系数据库原理的基础上,介绍了O2O模式下电子商务平台的逻辑结构设计以及不同形式实现外部接口的方法,探索了O2O商业模式的网站架构,为生活服务类电子商务平台的设计提供了一套较好的设计思路。

O2O namely Online to Offline, it is a line from online to down, and combine online resources with real economy, therefore allowing the network to become the real economy to an e-commerce model extends to the virtual world of the “front”, different from the B2B (Business To Business) and B2C (Business to Customer) to become a very popular business model. On the basis of the principle of relational database logical structure design as well as different forms of the external interface of e-commerce platform in the O2O mode, explore the site structure of the O2O business model for life service e-commerce platform is designed to provide a good design ideas.

魏丽君, 余娟. O2O电子商务平台的逻辑结构设计及外部接口实现[J]. 电子商务评论, 2013, 2(1): 1-6.